Brave the Storm

Our products ignite your connection with nature's healing force, lighting your way through its depths and empowering you to conquer.


Discover the Power Within

Born in our own personal winter. Inspired by the founder's brother; his bravery, willpower and unwavering faith throughout his battle against cancer. His spirit lives on as our calling; to inspire power through adversity.


Fuelled by Purpose

We donate 1% of every purchase to the preservation of our planet. Together, we boldly champion the crucial connection with our natural environment whilst shaping a sustainable future for generations to come.


adjective [ hahy - muhl ] of, characteristic of, or occurring in winter.


[ degrees Fahrenheit ] the freezing temperature of water.

By harnessing the transformative potential of cold exposure, outdoor pursuits and wild environments, we empower individuals to redefine limitations and inspire a renewed sense of possibility. Together, let's embrace the outdoors, push boundaries and unleash the strength within us to conquer.

  • Reconnect with Nature

    Inspiring the reconnection to nature will always be at the core of what we do. In nature we find everything we need; beauty, challenge, courage, growth.

  • Harness the Cold

    The cold is the centre of our origin. It's transformative power reminds us of our potential and our in-built power to overcome any challenge.

  • Light your Inner Fire

    Our gear inspires confidence. It is built to survive the harshest conditions and the toughest tests. We follow you all the way into the depths of any challenge.

  • Nurture the Planet

    Your choice to shop with us means more than just a transaction; it's a vital step towards achieving our mission, giving back to the planet and it's people.

Supporting you to...

...Brave the Storm

Find a mindset of resilience and determination in the face of adversity. Push your boundaries and challenge limitations with the acknowledgment that progress often requires confronting discomfort and uncertainty head-on. Accept where you currently stand while simultaneously daring to envision your journey to the other side. Find strength in the midst of the storm to navigate towards new horizons and opportunities.

and Discover the Power Within

Realize your potential, tap into your inner strength, and overcome life's hurdles. Recognize your body's incredible ability to heal and thrive. Reach for your dreams, break through barriers, and triumph over challenges. Find your purpose, ignite your passion, and set a higher standard for your own success. Let us guide you on this transformative journey as you unlock the extraordinary power within yourself.

  • Everything about this swim buoy impressed me when it arrived. I had every confidence in the waterproofing abilities of this bag by just looking at how they went the extra mile in their protection during delivery of the buoy.

    Janice B.
  • This open water dry bag is a great addition to any outdoor adventure. It's reliable, reasonably priced, and offers the peace of mind that your belongings will stay dry when you're out on the water. I highly recommend it to fellow water enthusiasts.

  • Well made, easy to use, and very visible to serve its ultimate purpose. The quality of materials is better than another similar product I have, it is easy to inflate and deflate, and the color is vivid and easy to see for passing watercraft. I would recommend for anyone looking to swim in open water. It is a must have for safety.

  • Peace of mind and the carrying convenience all in one. 5 stars.

    M. Crisp
  • I plan to put this one at the front seat of our kayak and get another one for the back seat of our two seater kayak. Very impressed with it and I love the color.

    Matt & Tracey
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