1 Year Product Warranty

We pride ourselves on quality, durability and longevity.

1 Year Warranty

All HIEMAL32 products have a 1 year warranty against manufacturing and material defects.

Proof of purchase is required and is only applicable to the original owner of a new product, and is not transferable. It is not applicable to rental, used, or demonstration products.

Manufacturing and material defects covered under the lifetime warranty include seam tears, stitching failures and/or separations.

HIEMAL32 retains the right to determine whether damage is caused by normal wear and tear, non-manufacturing issues, accidents, misuse, improper care and/or negligence.

HIEMAL32 also retains the right to repair or replace valid and approved warranty claims at their discretion; refunds are not an option for approved warranty claims.

Examples of Damages Covered under Warranty
  • Seam tears or separations caused by manufacturing defects
  • Stitching failures or separations caused by manufacturing defects (Please keep in mind that some seam failures are due to overuse or normal wear and tear and are not manufacture defects)
  • Broken straps on swim paddles
Examples of Damage not Covered Under Warranty
  • Tears and punctures caused from normal use
  • Broken Belts caused from normal use
  • Melting due to sun or heat exposure
  • Damage caused by chlorine
  • Failures due to overuse or normal wear and tear
  • Water damage to personal items like cell phones, keys, and/or personal items

Warranty Claim Procedure

In order for your product to be considered as a warranty claim please type 'Warranty' into your Facebook Messenger chat, or follow the link provided at the bottom of this page. You will then be prompted to send the following information: -

You will need to provide the following information
  • At least one clear picture of the product in question
  • Description of the issue
  • Original order number
  • Name on the original order
  • Purchase date of original order
  • Contact information(email address and phone number)

Once the above information is received, the next steps will be outlined by our team in the chat.

Go to Facebook Messenger

Follow the link below to start a warranty claim.

Make a Warranty Claim